I’m Alex, in my early 30s, living in EU & working in IT industry.

I’ve started this blog to document my journey creating a (almost) passive source of income. I say almost passive as I don’t think is possible that money come to you without doing nothing at all. So I plan to invest as less time as possible putting my money to work for me to generate more income. I don’t look to retire early as most bloggers that look for financial freedom but I might enjoy less working hours per day & more money to travel!

My first goal is to buy a property to rent it, started this plan some years ago by saving on a bank account but the interest rate doesn’t even cover up for the inflation. So I’ve started to look for alternatives.

First I’ve invested in some mutual funds offered by my bank. It probably produce some profits just to cover up the inflation.

Then during the cripto currency bubble Ive bought some €600 worth Ripple. Now this “investment” worth some €180. I’m waiting but I don’t think I will recover the loose anytime.

In February 2019 I’ve started to invest in P2P & P2B crowdfunding platforms, and this is what I will write about on this blog. However as stated before I plan to buy an rental property, so once my investments cover for it I will buy it and withdraw my money from the platforms. However the road made with investments in crowdfunding platforms will be fully documented here. I’ve read a lot of blogs before starting and this helped me a lot to start. I hope that this blog can help others too.


The information presented on this blog is not investment advice! Neither part of this information can be treated as professional investment advice, professional  tax, legal, accounting or other advice that can be solely used for making decisions regarding investing funds, evaluating performance or security level. If you are unsure about investing in this financial products look for professional advice! Your capital is at risk.

I just want to document my investments, for me and others looking to do this.

The blog contains affiliate links. If you register and invest in any of this services using the links here I might earn a commission. Sometime you will also receive a bonus / cashback for using my links & I plan to mark clear all the promotions. I’m not associated with any of the investment platforms and all the posts are just my opinions.