June Portfolio Update

June Portfolio Update

Hi all!

New update for the April – June period. Unfortunately i was really busy this period regarding a real estate investment i wanted to do, however unfortunately I didn’t managed to complete it. That’s why i just added just some €55 more. My portfolio is still made by Envestio, Mintos and Housers.


This is the first time i’m somehow worried about what happens on this platform, as on June they have not even released a project. I’ve “invested” another €55 on 7th of June but that money just stay in the account. That money plus the interest paid from previous investments is just staying on the account without a real benefit. They still had the referral offer where you can get 5 € instantly and 0.5% during the next 270 days, you can also benefit from this offer by following this link.

Interest payments where always on time.

envestio dashboard june update


On Mintos everything works well. I didn’t put any more money on this platform(now i regret i didn’t put that 55€ extra here). Last months i’ve seen the interest ratest started to get higher again, being some originators that offer 14% with buyback.  My account value is now 228.40€. They also lanuched an product called “Invest & Access” where you can set a new “autoinvest” portfolio where the money can be accessed faster. More info on this you might find on their blog here: https://blog.mintos.com/returns-or-liquidity-why-not-both-presenting-mintos-invest-access/.  Mintos also has a referral program and If you want to start investing in Mintos follow this link and both of us will get a 0,75% cashback bonus.


No new investments on Housers. As i’ve said before I’ve invested in ETHIC HOUSES project in Portugal and PRÍNCIPE DE VERGARA 91 in Spain. Ethic Houses pays the interest monthly, until now I’ve received all the payments, however it’s not stated clearly when the next payment is expected. A nice thing of this platform is that they updated the dashboard and the new one looks better and it offers more data. From the interest on Ethic Houses i’ve received until now 0.94€.  If you register trough this link you will get a €25 bonus on your first deposit and they currently have some cashback offers if you invest in specific projects.

Any toughs on future investments?

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