February Portfolio Update

February Portfolio Update

Hi all!

February is the month I’ve started to invest in crowdfunding / crowd-lending platforms. Here are my investments on Mintos, Housers and Envestio. Initially I wanted that, until June to invest 1000€ on Housers and Mintos, but then I’ve also joined Envestio. Now I’m not really sure if I will try to get the amount to 1500€ and split between all or I will keep the total amount to 1000€.

However I’ve invested on each one some 100€ and will see how it goes on each and I might invest more on one than another. Anyway I’m an diversification believer so I will keep my money in more places. Also I have some other platforms where I want to start to invest, but this will happen at the right time.


On Envestio I’ve invested €105.34 and got a €5 bonus because I’ve registered trough an affiliate link. I will also get a 0,5% cashback on all my deposits for 270 days. You can also benefit from this offer by following this link.

So on Envestio I’ve had invested €105,34 and at the end of the month I had €110.55. This means a income of 5.21. I know that the bonus it’s one time only but it adds to the total! I’ve invested in the following projects: Oil product terminal rent Tier 2, Power Plant Factoring/Development Phase 1 & Biomass fuel-Factoring 7.

envestio february account overview


On Mintos I’ve invested 105.74€ and my account value is now 105.97. So the income after a month is 0.23. I will definitely add some more money on Mintos on March, this platform being my favorite until now. Mintos also has a referral program, unfortunately i didn’t know about it when signed up so i didn’t got the bonus of 0,75% of my investments back. If you want to start investing in Mintos follow this link and both of us will get a 0,75% cashback bonus for next 2 months.

mintos february 2019 account overview update


Last but not least, Housers. This was actually my initial platform where I’ve started to invest. This is probably because my plan is to buy some rental property, and Housers it’s only one just for real estate. However it has some things I don’t really like so I’m not sure if I will put another 100€ on March. I will probably wait another month to see how my initial investments work. So I’ve invested €104 and the account value is €104. I’ve invested in ETHIC HOUSES project in Portugal and PRÍNCIPE DE VERGARA 91 in Spain. I’ve expected a payment from Ethic as they pay monthly interest, but didn’t come yet. One thing i don’t like about Housers is that they don’t have a repayment schedule, you don’t really know when to expect the interest. If you register trough this link you will get a €25 bonus on your first deposit.

housers account overview february 2019

How was February for you?

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